oct. 2005
Nicholas d'Amato new CD
Check out the new solo record of Nicholas d'Amato, "Nicholas d'Amato's Royal Society - Nullius in Verba"


To preview the album, click here.

The music on this CD, like almost all "jazz" music, is the result of a group of musicians improvising on composed themes. The themes in this case come from bassist/composer Nicholas D'Amato. They are a challenging set of variations each composed for the particular musicians joining him in this, the first incarnation of his Royal Society. Those musicians include renowned guitarist Wayne Krantz and the ballistic drummer John O'Reilly. The resulting music is charged with intense interplay and forward momentum. The improvisations, like the composed themes, take in all styles - rock and funk mix with free jazz and world. It's like the Royal Society of London, founded by freethinking scientists eager to experiment without shackles.

Mike Lattrell's Marvellous Pig Noise new CD
The Marvellous Pig Noise band, featuring Popa CHUBBY's pianist Mike LATTRELL,
have just released a new CD, "Live au Sax'".


Description from cdbaby.com :

Les Marvellous Pig Noise blend New Orleans grooves with southern tinged blues and gospel vocal harmonies. MPN has been a crowd favorite at festivals and clubs in Europe for many years. Their 4th album "Live au Sax'..." is the first live CD released by MPN and introduces 3 new members in the band.

In 2004, co-founders Pierre Citerne and Jérôme Dusfour reformed the line-up and the sound of MPN with the addition of bassist Marcel Muller, drummer Niko Sarran and American blues pianist Mike Lattrell.

"Live au Sax'..." captures MPN live in concert at Le Sax'Aphone club in Montpellier, France. With original and cover material ranging in styles from second-line rhythms to country 2-beats to funky gospel blues and back again, MPN's "Live au Sax'..." with it's rich vocal harmonies and infectious grooves is sure to put a smile on your face.

Mike LATTRELL's homepage : www.mikelattrell.com

The Marvellous Pig Noise : www.marvellouspignoise.com

(Extracts are availabale at MPN' website)


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Big Ed Sullivan video : live from Marseille
Go the videos page to watch a cool video of Big Ed Sullivan playing with the Popa CHUBBY Band.

2005 live shots @ tasteofindie.com
This one is amazing !
There are some beautiful black and white photos...

(photos © Manu)
2005 live shot @ juhaseila.com
Check out www.juhaseila.com for a great gallery.

(photos © Juha Seila)

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Popa CHUBBY on wikipedia !
Popa CHUBBY has now an article on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
The article is on the German website.


Click here to read this article.
2005 live shots @ Bert & Maryska's homepage
This one is cool too.

(photos © Bert & Maryska Janssen)
2004 live shots @ volubilis.net
Here is another link to some shots of the Popa CHUBBY band.

(photos © volubilis.net)

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May 2004 live shots @ radiofrance.fr
Check out this great gallery on the radiofrance website.


(photos © Vincent Poillet)

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April 2005 live shots @ citizen jazz
Check out this great gallery on the Jazz Citizen website.

(photos © Patrick Audou)

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Popa CHUBBY in Marseille, France, 2004/05
Here are two extracts of an interview I've made with Popa, in Marseille, France,
in May 2005.

Popa's message :


What song would Popa never play ?

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