févr. 2006
Welcome to AJ Pappas on the Bass !
A.J. Pappas has recently joined the Popa CHUBBY's band.

AJ was previously the bassist of a NYC Band called "
Eve to Adam".

Welcom AJ and see you soon on tour !


Here is AJ Pappas's myspace page.

Stealing the Devil's Guitar
"Stealing the Devil's Guitar" is available at Dixiefrog's website.

Click here to preview Popa's latest CD...


On this page, watch the "Smuggler's Game" video clip...

Here is the tracklist :

 Slide devil man slide
2. Smuggler's game
3. Why i can't have you
4. Right on
5. In this world
6. Walking with Amar
7. Stoned again
8. Young guns
9. Buffalo chips
10. Bold as love
11. Long deep hard and wide
12. Virgil and Smokey
13. Preacher man
14. The Devil's guitar

Popa CHUBBY's blog @ myspace
Popa CHUBBY has opened his blog in MySpace !

It's cool to get some fresh news about Popa, from Popa itself !

Check out Popa's blog here.

Popa and Galea are now online at myspace.com...

On Popa's myspace page, you can also listen to some tunes of Popa's brand new CD, "Stealing the Devil Guitar", it's here.

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