janv. 2007
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One more : Popa CHUBBY 26.3.2006 @ salzhaus, ch

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Photo Gallery - Rock'n Solex 2006
Here are some other photos of the Popa CHUBBY band, with AJ on bass and Chris on drums.

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Photo Gallery © Jef Rabillon
Check out this link for a great gallery, with Popa CHUBBY, Mike LATTRELL, Nichoals d'AMATO and Kenny SOULE

Photos © Jef Rabillon
Popa CHUBBY "Looking back" @ Manny's Car Wash - NYC
Here is another video of the Popa CHUBBY band playing at the Manny's Car Wash.

Thank you charwen for this great material !

Popa CHUBBY... performing Shrek ?
Check out Popa's blog : he may be playing Shrek in a musical in NYC...
Mike LATTRELL - Marvellous Pig Noise
Check out the Marvellous Pig Noise brand new record, "Drôles de mammifères" released on Dixiefrog (www.bluesweb.com).

Go to the Marvellous Pig Noise myspace page for some extracts...


Mike LATTRELL myspace page : here
Mike LATTRELL youtube page : here
Marvelous Pig Noise official website : here
Marvellous Pig Noise myspace page : here
Dixiefrog : here

Kris JEFFERSON's New Groove Coalition
Kris JEFFERSON (Popa's bassist before Nicholas D'Amato and AJ Pappas) has now is own myspace page.

He plays in a new funk/soul band called "New Groove Coalition" (myspace here, official website here).

They are now working on a recording which should be released in the summer of 2007.

Here's a short video with Kris :

Here's a video of "New Groove Coalition" :
Popa CHUBBY @ Manny's Car Wash - NYC
Popa CHUBBY @ Manny's Car Wash - NYC
Every Girl I see... @ Manny's Car Wash - NYC
Popa CHUBBY - Stoop Down Baby @ Rockpalast